Our Units

We have a number of units available to let (see unit floor plan for dimensions of each unit) We also have a Training/Meeting room for hire

In addition we have a training room available for hire

How the Centre operates

Licence to Occupy

Licences are granted following a recommendation from the Admissions Panel.

What does the licence fee include

The licence fee includes the rent, business rates, and all building operating costs; for example, heating, communal lighting, building insurance, security and maintenance.

What does it not include

  • Electricity consumption within the unit:
  • Each unit has its own meter. Electricity consumption is charged by the Centre each month to individual licence holders at a rate published from time to time, plus a standing charge.
  • Broadband access:
  • Internet access is provided in the centre via secure wifi - however most licensees prefer to arrange their own secure wifi.


A deposit equivalent to one month's licence fee or £250 (which ever the higher) is charged on the issuing of the first licence. This is refundable on surrender of the licence (subject to the unit being handed over in an acceptable state for re-letting - deductions will be made to cover the cost of any work required to bring the unit up to an acceptable standard)

All licence holders are responsible for health and safety within their own unit including the provision of appropriate fire extinguishers.

All licence holders are responsible as part of the Centre community to consider each others well being and safety, behave responsibly, and ensure that all facilities are respected.

On the issuing of a licence a standard charge, currently £90.00 is made to cover the cost of signage.

Finally, it is a condition of the licence that proof of business insurance is provided by all licence holders.

The Centre’s training/meeting room facility is available for hire.

  • The room has tables which can be configured in a variety of layouts and provides seating for 12 to 20 people.
  • There is a small attached room for breakout sessions or interviewing.
  • Bookings can be made on a daily sessional basis only, from 9.00am to 5.30pm.
  • The charge is £125 per session (a discounted rate is available to Farthing Enterprise Centre licence holders)